Jan Lokpal: Bring It On, AAP

Subsidies and freebies do not impact the people negatively in short term. Their destructive consequences take years, even decades to become obvious. By that time, all the actors normally move on to other “problems.” Or make sure that nobody ever connects the negative consequences of freebies to the freebies.

But AAP has a central promise which now it will have no excuse to not fulfill. And that is the promise to enact Jan Lokpal. Jan Lokpal is what birthed AAP.

Therefore, the  impracticality and, in fact idiocy, of the whole idea will play out in the open. Delhi government will get locked down in inquiries, and inquiries. Government servants will simply stop working.

(To read why Jan Lokpal can not work, download your free copy of Anang Pal Malik’s book Corruption in India, here.)