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Leftism, Migration, And The Fate Of Civilisation

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Few days ago, there were reports in media that Rohingyas and Bangladeshis were travelling to Kerala in large numbers. Why Kerala?
Nobody asked why Kerala.
In ‘90s,, a Bengali contractor told me,”The day we get a contract in Bengal, local comrade calls us for a meeting. He hands over a list of the members of his union, specifying number of workers we must hire. We contact those workers, and tell them that each day their wages will reach them in their homes, they must not come to the site ever. Because if they come, they won’t work themselves, and won’t allow the real labour to work either, whom we hire at half the rates.”
Who were the real labour? Bangladeshis.
Leftism teaches workers to become mafia gangs. A man who tells you that he will work at so and so wage, and you have to hire him, and you can hire nobody else other than him, is a mafia gang member, not a worker.
It is every human being’s absolute right to demand the wages of his choice, and refuse to work if those wages are not offered. But if that human being also says that he will not allow anybody else to do that work, even if somebody else is ready to do that work at lower wages, than that human being is a criminal.
And any society that allows any criminal to have his way, will decline and eventually die.
Economy is a voluntary exchange of goods and labour, at mutually agreed rates, and any application of force, whether by gangs of pure criminals, or by gangs of quasi-criminals called unions, or by government, will destroy the economy.
Coming back to Bengal and Kerala, Leftists mafiaised the workers. And economy died. But economy, like seed growing out of a wall, also tries to find ways to survive. One way is to find non-unionised workers who then do the actual work, and the owner pays to the union to allow the work.
The non-unionised worker has to be desperate enough to work for himself, and for the union member also who feeds off him like a leech.
And who is more desperate than a migrant?
Leftist leaders know what kind of monsters they have created in the form of unions. But they can’t get off the tiger. On its back are money, scotch, and Pushpa, and dismounting it means death.
So they not only look the other way when businesses import migrant labour, they tacitly encourage it, so that economy functions and funds their welfare state.
This happened in Bengal, in Kerala, in Europe, in America. Fully functional economies were destroyed and replaced with illegal and shadowy businesses, or businesses eventually migrated to where the workers still worked. And non-unionised natives also migrated to where work was-like Gulf.
But labour is not an inert factor of production like mineral or machine. Labour are human beings, and when they migrate, they also carry with them their moral ethos, their likes and dislikes, their prejudices, their culture.
If they needed to migrate, it means their morals and cultures were not good. To the place they migrated had better morals and cultures, that is why it created a better economy. And mixture of good and bad is always bad. Mixture of food and poison is always poison. So the migrants will destroy the host culture and replace it with their own dysfunctional culture.
Leftists will end up destroying the Civilisation.
Not resisting the Leftists will eventually consume you.

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