Left’s Formula For Electoral Success

Kejeriwal was made impervious to criticism by branding him a crusader against corruption. Thus any criticism of his was termed as support for corruption.


“The Obama Nightmare is almost over, but Democrats now have a proven formula for keeping the White House: create a candidate who is impervious to criticism either because of race or gender, exaggerate their resume, get the media behind them, connect them to the popular culture, and watch the votes roll in.  Democrats are poised to nominate Hillary Clinton, although there are other options, among which Elizabeth Warren seems to be the most viable. Democrats will likely push for a Hillary presidency, but as always, they are taking the long view — they want to follow the formula that got Obama elected and the likely figure is Julian Castro, former San Antonio mayor and current Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary.

Obama was the least accomplished person ever to be competitive in the race for POTUS, let alone win. His marginal accomplishments were all inflated. Unlike Obama, Castro has executive experience as mayor of a large city. Like Obama, he has degrees from Stanford and Harvard (and we know how the Left likes to tout prestigious educations). Also like Obama, Castro is young, handsome, charismatic, and he made his debut on the national stage giving the keynote address at a Democratic National Convention (Obama in 2004; Castro in 2012).”-(from the article)

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