Mr Anna, Your Economic Illiteracy Is Showing

This man wants to put us back into caves. He has no understanding of economics, nor problems of Indian agriculture. Such is our tragedy. Such economically illiterate men get to control the narrative on government policies. He has made the whole issue one of Corporates vs Farmers. It is not about Corporate vs Farmers. It is about industrialisation of India so that farmers’ children get the jobs they need.

His economic illiteracy comes out in a statement reported by the Times of India:


“Anna was speaking to media after attending a function of Shaheed Parivar Fund here. “The government is tweaking the law to benefit the corporates and bring ‘achhe din’ for them,” he said. “If there is anything wrong in the existing law, then BJP should have opposed it when it was passed in 2013 during the UPA regime. BJP had accepted it then and now after getting complete majority, the party is hell bent on changing it to benefit the corporates,” he added.

He said the PM should make a legal provision that only that land would be acquired which was barren and not cultivable. Asked about Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s support, he said she was only doing politics on the issue.” (from the news item)


Read the news item here.