Mr Prime Minister, Separate Economy and State

All newspapers of the day have headlined the PM’s speech in which he has talked of reforms and improving the speed at which the government works.

What we need is work on separating economy and State. That will take care of everything. That will push the rate of growth of Indian economy to at least 12%. We will not have to bother about the speed at which the government works, because government has no work to do as far as economy is concerned. All it needs to do is get out of way. Few areas where work needs to begin are given below:

1. Labour Laws: Abolish all labour laws except payment of wages act, as they all are unconstitutional and favour the trade union mafia, not the workers.

2. Repeal all so called Environment protection laws. They are choking Indian economy. Fix limits on emissions, and on effluents. And for each plot of land in the country, publish a list showing what industries can be put on it, and what can not be. Nobody should need to approach government for any “permissions.” Dismantle “permissionocracy.”

3. Simplify tax code. If we can not write a tax code that doesn’t need any interpretations, shame on us. And all such “interpretations” should have prospective effect, not retrospective effect.


For all the advantages that will flow from separation of economy and state, read the book “Corruption in India” by Anang Pal Malik, available free to download here.