Nehru-Indira Socialism, And India Of 2015

It is not easy, but we must give up this instinctive notion that progress can be only in one direction. That a given society would only become more Civilised and more prosperous with time. If we can not learn from ancient Greece and Rome, we should learn at least from Argentina, and now from Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and of course India.
A country becomes great because of ethics, moral strength, integrity, and love of the society and country its citizens have. There can be elites and political ideas which may corrode all of these. The country will decline as a result.
Leftists of course blame their new found villain: governance. But we do not have to fall for this perfidy of theirs.
Remember that Nehru started with socialism. Indira Gandhi took it to completion, with nationalisation of almost everything, and we became almost a communist country with elections.
So if our education, health services, municipal services, PSUs, PSBs, and investment environment are in a state of collapse, know that Nehru-Indira socialism brought us here.
Leftists do not want us to look at the root of the poisonous fruit that our polity has become. We should not be guided by them.
First and foremost, socialism destroys morals and ethics of a society, followed by work culture. Once a people get convinced that it is ok for state to steal if it shares the loot with the less fortunate, people soon start stealing themselves, so long as they are convinced that they are less fortunate than someone else.