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NGO Circus, Media Circus, Equal-Distribution-of-Poverty mafia, And Astro-turf Farmer Leaders Descend On Delhi

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Agricultural Land holdings per family in today’s India are between 1/16th to 1/25th of what they were in 1950.

This happened because of dramatic reduction in infant mortality brought about by breakthrough medical discoveries in the first half of twentieth century, and increase in life expectancy brought about by slow but some industrialisation of India.

For example, if great grandfather, who owned 100 acre in 1950, had two sons, and they both had three sons each, and these had two sons each, then great grandchildren now have only 8 acres each.

This is the real crisis of Indian agriculture.

Nehruvian Socialism, our sacred political religion, has made sure that this excess manpower has not been absorbed by industries, because no industrialisation has taken place.

And so the number of persons dependent on Agriculture has dramatically increased, and therefore per capita farm income has dropped to dust.

Only alternative is rapid industrialisation of India, and for that some land currently under agriculture has to shift to Industry. Land with industry on it can easily support thousand to hundreds of thousands more persons than it would as agricultural land.

But forces working to subvert India do not want its industrialisation. Because if Indians are no longer poor, they can not be converted by treating them for malaria. And if Indians are not poor, they can not be assembled in mobs and unleashed on the rich, to overthrow democracy and impose Communist rule. If Indians are no longer poor, they may no longer vote for an Italian.

Therefore all these forces united and forced the UPA government ( a government of the NGOs, by the NGOs, and for the NGOs), which did not need any force in any case, to enact a law that makes it all but impossible to get land for Industry. Mission accomplished.

Present government did carry out some perfunctory amendments in it through an ordinance, to ease it a little bit.

But the Breaking India forces know how to keep the pressure on.

So they have assembled a mob of self-righteous, self-appointed conscience keepers of the country, NGOs in search of more grants from the Ford Foundation, mediapersons starved for content, and paid “farmer leaders;” that is marching on Jantar Mantar.

And the Central government, still in shock by a defeat from an alliance of dhimmis, free-loaders, and vote banks; seems to have panicked……

This panic is the result of loss of touch with public brought about by the arrogance that enveloped leaders of BJP after the mandate of 2014.

Of course if the government doesn’t gather itself and fast, the only loser will be the country, and so called “Farm Crisis of India,” will only be acutely exacerbated.

Bad times ahead.

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