Of Capitalism, Colonialism, And Slavery


If the Left waves Kerala as its model achievement, it has to explain why Kerala nurses go to work in the most unsafe places in the world. The other social indicators of Kerala are also meaningless if after completion of their education, the Keralites are forced to take loans to emigrate to the hell holes of the Gulf, to work in slave like conditions. As for Capitalism, colonialism, and slavery; colonialism did not start with Capitalism. Both Persians and Greeks fought each other for centuries for the possession of colonies from 600BC to 200BC. Then Romans fought everybody and colonised North Africa, South Europe, and West Asia between 200 BC to 200AD . Slavery was the human condition since prehistoric times. It got abolished with the advent of capitalism. The US overtook UK as the largest economy in the world in 1875, i.e. 10 years after the abolition of slavery there, and when Colonial Empire of the UK was at its peak. The two Capitalist powerhouses, the US and Germany have never colonised anybody (brief Philippine occupation by the US was not colonialism.) The next two -Japan and China- have also not colonised anybody since their economic rise began, nor they keep slaves.

Just as leaders of all religions tell the followers, when the followers ask that if God is merciful why there is so much misery in the world; that they (the followers) are not following the religion correctly. So is the case with the Left. When the True Believers ask the leaders of the Left that if Capitalism is wrong and Leftism is right, why Capitalist countries are richer; the Leftist leaders simply claim: Capitalist countries are richer because of colonialism and slavery. They looted colonies and owned slaves, and this is what has made them rich. Leftist leaders are fully aware that few human beings take trouble to observe the world around them, and still fewer ever think.