Of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an admission by the Leftists that they can not run even the basic functions of government (sanitation, water supply, and education), and private sector should take over.

So the folks who make their whole living by demonising the Corporates, by abusing them 24×7; and claim that ever more governmentalisation of ever more activities is the solution to everything; finally go back to Corporates on bended knees.

Of course this also ensures a constant supply of funds for their NGOs.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is an idiocy of first category. Corporates are being most socially responsible just by being there: by generating all those jobs, by paying all those taxes. It is not the job of a company to run the civic services. If it is forced to do so, its core job-of running the business- will inevitably get hit.

The concept should be scrapped in whole.