Of Greek Tragedy

By Anang Pal Malik

Once citizenry is made to believe that they are entitled to other people’s money, they do not stop till bankruptcy. But laws of physics apply to us all. Just as a family can not consume for long more than what it earns, so can not a country. When human beings came out of jungle to form human settlements, they had this sacred covenant,”Who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.” Leftists more often than not succeed in convincing enough people that they can, and this covenant is nothing but a cruel stratagem of the haves. If you convince enough people that this covenant is nothing but a cruelty of the haves, you may indeed seize power through votes or through violence, but no majority is ever known to possess powers to suspend laws of physics. If all 100% people vote that when you jump off a cliff, you would go up, it doesn’t happen that way. The law of gravity is indeed cruel, in a kind and merciful world we should just float gently in the air. But the law is there, and we better obey it. We can not consume more than we produce. Nor individually as a family, nor collectively as a country.