Of Inflation And Government

Ram Bilas Paswan says that his ministry, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, has no powers to control food inflation.

It seems the minister is angling for some more power for his babus. Inflation will stand exactly where it is, will in fact increase, only his babus will become filthy rich in administering the new powers.

Paswan ji, inflation is caused by only three things:

1. Fiat currency administered by Central Bank of the country (RBI in our case).
2. Government financing its expenditure by borrowing.
3. Government interfering in the Free Market Order: Taking away private property; and rigging private contracts in favour of the “favoured groups.” (The groups that at a given time have been declared to be in distress by the media and the intellectuals.)

So if the government is really interested in controlling inflation, all it needs to do is
1. Re-establish Gold Standard; abolish the RBI ( send those striking union goons on permanent strike, and that newest conscience keeper of the Nation, Rajan, on permanent leave to nourish his own conscience.)
2. Mandate that the government will not spend the money it doesn’t have.
3. Abolish all powers of the government that enable it to violate Private Property and rig the private contracts among the citizens.

(And as a result, and in one stroke, abolish the Leftist worldview, and put an end to the biggest scam in the history of mankind- the scam called fiat currency, that has allowed politicians to loot their people of mind boggling sums.)

Rest all is nautanki, to keep the media watchdogs in good humour, and to keep at bay the Leftists gnashing at your heels with the promise to the dumb voters of not only the cheap food, but free food.