Of Regulators

Anang Pal Malik

A law will tell you that if you kill somebody, you will be tried and punished. A regulator to the same end will monitor you 24×7, will have powers to control your movements, will have powers to decide whom you meet and what professions you can take, will have powers to decide where you can live and where you can work, because after all, he has to make sure that you do not kill anybody. A law simply tells citizens what they can not do, and if they do that, what punishment awaits them. A regulator also tells citizens what they can not do, and then proceeds to control and monitor their lives so that they do not that. A simple contemplation would suffice to convince us that we would never allow any individual to have such powers over our personal lives. Why do we then demand for/consent to the similar control over business and trade? Just put laws in place for businesses and trade, and punish the law breakers. This is what a society that believes in rule of law does. Why appoint “experts,” pay their salary out of tax money, just to lord over business and trade? Those who produce nothing lording over those who produce everything, including the salary of the former. This doesn’t work. This only destroys business and trade.

Regulators is nothing but replacement of of rule of law by the rule of men. It has the direct consequence of destroying rule of law, and without rule of law, a society very soon reduces to a primitive, tribal society.