Of Social Impact Studies And Consent Clause

Social Impact Assessment is the latest Leftist fraud in which Leftist NGOs mint money. By the way these very same people never demand social impact assessment of the orders of Tribunals and Courts banning things right and banning things left. For example, did green Tribunal carry out Social Impact Study of its order banning trucks older than ten years, as to what would happen to their drivers, cleaners, owners, and the goods they were transporting? Or Social Impact Study of ban on sand dredging and stone mining as to how people would get homes for which they were paying EMIs? Or did Environment Ministry carry out Social Impact Study of refusing to grant Environmental clearance to Metro II line of Mumbai, as to how many people would die because of falling off from crowded trains? Or how much smoke is being released in Mumbai because this line has not been built? And consent clause means it is purchase, not acquisition. Retaining it means acquisitions have been banned in India. That is as good as handing over a separate country equal to his land to the landowner which can not be taken possession of, even after paying full compensation, by the government of India. Means the guy with the land has seceded from India for all practical purposes. Only addled minds can conceive such a clause, and only zombies can support it.
And of course in the same country, if the guy trusts another man and agrees to rent his house to the man, the house belongs to the tenant in perpetuity, consent of the owner is not required. He loses all rights to his property to a man who has breached the trust, who has violated the agreement, and the law supports him. And no compensation needs to be paid to the owner.
The fact is that in the last ten years, Leftists were running amok, creating alternative power centres, eroding powers of the elected governments, taking away their absolute powers to frame policy. In short, killing Indian democracy, and creating permanent oligarchies of Tribunals, Commissions, NGOs, Courts, rendering the elected government just a titular, decorative piece on the Raisina Hill.
The dumbing down of Indian education is bearing its fruit, that such simple but insidious chicanery is not being noticed by the educated Indians.