On RJs

In the Indian Express of today, a fairly balanced article on the behaviour of RJs of FM channels. Of course, it is good manners not to insult a person or a group, we must also fight imposition of politically correct speech code by non-state actors like academicians, journalists, entertainment media. Sometimes truth may be insulting, but it must not be suppressed for that reason, otherwise soon Free Speech withers away without State having to do anything. The article has not touched on this aspect.


” RJs are actually trained in basic broadcasting norms. For instance, they are not allowed to use cuss words or mention brand names. It would be a good idea for radio stations to be self-regulatory and to sensitise their RJs to racist, misogynist, casteist, communal content. Otherwise, they could end up providing the perfect opportunity to the state to impose censorship, which would be yet another nail in the coffin of freedom of expression.” (from the article)


Read the article here.