PNB Scam: An Inevitable Result Of Socialism

PNB scam started not in 2011 but in 1969 when Indira Gandhi seized private banks illegally and unconstitutionally to the claps of dunces who are now weeping buckets over scams upon scams.
Government is not a detached God or some such creature objectively working for the best interests of the people. In reality government is just another bunch of human beings with their own likes dislikes, vices and virtues, failings and nobility, and each of these human beings works for his best immediate interest, contrary to all his claims.
Add to that the fact that a human being always spends money that belongs to others differently from the way he spends his own money.
With banks under their control, politicians started using them for which they use everything else: to win elections. Loan melas, loan waivers, loans to their donors (bribe givers, if you so like), and NPAs became order of the day. Money so lost was made good using tax money. So tax money started getting siphoned to cronies of politicians who made sure to deliver the share to the politicians and bureaucrats in the evening. Banks became a pipe line network that delivered tax money to cronies, politicians, and bureaucrats. Bank management owed their jobs to the politicians, not to their shareholders or depositors, so they did their bidding. And as they were forced to bend rules, they started bending rules to line their own pockets also.
Socialism does not fail because of corruption, corruption instead is the inescapable result of socialism. Socialism corrupts politicians, bureaucracy, and finally citizenry itself. Each section of Indian population is all the time blackmailing government to give it bigger share of tax money in the form of freebies, without ever realising that demanding others’ money, even if routed through government treasury, is plain corruption.
Every decade or so, a charlatan emerges: JP, VP Singh, Kejriwal; who claims to deliver India from corruption, without not only dismantling socialism, but with even more socialism. As more socialism leads to even more corruption. Indians start crying betrayal. Little realising that economic illiterates like them deserve nothing better.
Now the economic illiterates and even the looters in opposition are beating their chests to pulp over “escaping” of the corrupts to other countries. Little they know how the government works. The corrupt knows about his scam from the beginning, from the planning stage itself. As soon as he smells first whiff of anybody asking questions of the concerned staffs, he takes the first flight out of the country. Most rich Indians maintain Green Cards or citizenships of other countries. Without extradition treaty, or even with them, its nearly impossible to deport a moneyed shark.
But infantiles will not get it. For them, government has to be the Big Daddy keeping discipline in the school yard. In reality, government doesn’t know about even its own. Over 750 bureaucrats are “absconding from duty.” working abroad in lucrative World Bank, UN assignments, with MNCs, beyond their deputations, in violation of Service Rules. The day they feel like, they will simply join duty, all increments and seniority duly restored, all absence period “regularised by the competent authority.”
A country is just the sum total of its people. If India is a mediocre, thieving kleptocracy, abjectly poor, diseased, with a joke for education, it is so because that is what the sum total of us is. We are India.