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Pollution And Diwali Crackers

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The most shocking revelation for me after I got to be among those who are ruling us was to discover how mediocre and stupid they were.
I was once travelling on Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani, first AC. I avoid conversations on the rail travels, because I don’t want to spend the journey explaining how I was not responsible for all that was wrong with the Railway. Co-passengers were talking among themselves, and the topic was “Global Warming.” If you have been reading me, you can understand that soon I forgot that I was not to interject. And so I opened with my stock opening remarks on the subject, “Global Warming is a Leftist fraud to kill Capitalist economies.” As I explained that sea levels, whose rise was being discussed, have been rising for at least ten thousand years now, and sea level varies over centuries and Capitalism is not responsible for that, a lady passenger exclaimed, “How can you say that? I understand sea level are rising, because I see people dumping debris in sea in Mumbai. If not Global Warming, certainly those debris are making sea level rise.”
Yep, you read that right. People who travel Rajdhani first AC actually believe that dumping debris in sea will cause sea level to rise. And our tragedy is that they make policies for us.
Crackers were burst in Delhi yesterday. Still AQI levels are better today morning than they were last week.
What was Delhi’s AQI a century ago? It was not measured then, but I am sure it was far worse than it is today. Haryana and Rajasthan were far less green than they are today. Each home had coal fired chulha, or dung-cake fired chulha. Much less area was paved than it is today. Even Railway had only Steam locos which belched smoke more than all the cars put together today.
Delhi’s AQI is controlled by the dust. It has always been a dusty city. It will remain a dusty city till we make Haryana and Rajasthan fully irrigated by building dams in Himalayas and canals running from them. And then pave Delhi fully, as all great cities of the world are.
But why do we beat our chests over AQI?
Germany, one of the cleanest countries in the world, whose AQI is thrown into our faces 24×7, has life expectancy of 82 years. India has 69 years. Because of AQI? No, the difference is chiefly because we have infant mortality rate equal to 32, and Germany’s is 3. Even in higher age brackets, Germans have better healthcare facilities and better diets. They live 13 years longer than us not because of better AQI, but because they are rich. They are rich because they are industrialised. They are industrialised because they follow free market system of economy. Even within India, if you see people in Delhi, and then compare them with people living even in district headquarters in the interior, you will find that Delhi residents are healthier and live longer lives.
Even our infant mortality rate has seen dramatic improvement since 1990 when we partially opened our economy to free market. IMR in 1990 in India was 126. Yes, 126!
The leftist thugs won’t tell you that because of their socialism, they were murdering 123 Indian babies per 1000 births in 1990, and are murdering 29 babies per 1000 birth per year even today because they won’t let us industrialise like Germany.
But they will tell you that your crackers are killing their dogs.
Even about dogs, we are the kindest people to animals. Just go and see commercial dairying and meat industry in any western country. You can’t even imagine the cruelty they subject animals to, not for an evening, but for their entire lives.
Life is about celebrations. Every celebration puts us to some inconvenience. Wedding venues cause traffic jams. Should we stop weddings? What do we live for then? To pay for the Leftists’ scotch and their she-comrades? She-comrades who then in the morning tweet against our festivals?
Festivals are celebration of life. They bring us together, they bring joy, they give immense happiness to our children. They are the life blood of Dharma.
You have problem with the noise? With the smoke? Please bear with us for an evening. Or get lost.
Environment is not above people. To be alive, we have to modify our environment daily: farming is nothing but modifying the way wheat or rice grow naturally. Can we survive without growing wheat or rice?
Chipco Movement was launched to save the environment of Himalayas. Environment was saved but people were disappeared. Villages in the hills are emptying out. Because instead of deciding like adults the rate at which trees could be cut, we imposed blanket ban on tree cutting. Economic activities died, and people have fled to plains. From AQI of 30, they have voluntarily relocated to AQI 300 of Delhi. They even can’t use their most precious asset back in the hills: water falling over a height. They can’t use it to generate electricity. So, from the clean villages and towns of hills, they live in the pigeon holes in Delhi.
The fraud called environmentalism itself is being pushed by the mediocres who believe that dumping debris can change sea level. They decide NGT polices, and force Court decisions, as they have time on their hands, because they can shout loudest, and their livelihoods are paid by us, who are too busy to learn any subject not connected to their jobs/profession. And so these children of the corrupt bureaucrats and netas, who could not themselves make it to the UPSC list after four attempts, and so launched this or that NGO, apart from joining some media house, get to write our environmental policies. And as I explained above, they are not only wholly disconnected from our way of life, they positively hate it, because that is what their teacher in the costly school paid for by the corrupt papa, taught them.
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Covid And The Global Warming Fraud

Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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