Power Of Privatisation: Telephone Call Rates To Drop Further

From Rs 30 per minute for a call between Mumbai and Delhi, now it is less than paise 30 per minute for the calls between the two cities. That is the power of privatisation and resultant innovations and better management.

Success of privatisation in Telecom and Aviation sector should have spurred privatisation in all sectors. But as Anang Pal Malik details in his book Corruption in India (to download your free copy of the book, go here.), privatisation would mean loss of lakhs of crores of rupees in bribe money for those who are in a position to decide whether privatisation should be done or not, privatisation has been successfully stalled in all other sectors, putting India back by many decades, and leaving us impoverished.

From The Economic Times:

“NEW DELHI: Long distance domestic telephone calls are set to become cheaper as regulator TRAI today slashed a network charge that one operator pays to another for carrying the call by about 50 per cent to 35 paise a minute.

Carriage charges play an important role in determining the long distance (STD) tariffs.

“The Authority has reduced the ceiling of the domestic carriage charge to 35 paisa per minute from the existing 65 paisa per minute. This should also reduce STD call rate ..(from the news item.)

Read the news report here.