Pratap Bhanu Mehta of Indian Express is Advocating Abolition of Private Property

In an edit page article in IE of today, Pratap Bhanu Mehta says that

1. “Private Property Right is not a natural Right.”

It means he has never read Ludwig von Mises’s book Human Action. He doesn’t know what property is, how it is created, and what having Private Property Rights mean to a society.

2. “Property is a monopoly granted through a social contract.”

He is thinking of only land in its natural state. He can’t think of Property created by man.

3. “Taken together, the subverting of real estate regulation, the reluctance to introduce Aadhaar for real estate transactions and the reluctance to even discuss inheritance taxes can produce a crisis of legitimacy for Indian capital. ”

Who subverted real Estate regulation? Who is reluctant to introduce Aadhaar for real Estate transactions?

Capital is Capital. It is not legitimate or illegitimate. This sentence carries a subtle threat of violence.

First you create a regulated economy. Because it will always be manipulated by the businessmen, then you blackmail them to surrender their Freedoms, by threatening to expose their manipulations.

Mr Mehta, Rights are not about the rich. Rights are for freeborn citizens. Inheritance tax is an evil idea. Drop it.


Read the whole thing here.