Praveen Swami’s Worship Of God Of Reason

Leftists have very successfully made the world believe that Fascism was a reaction to Socialism. In reality, Fascism was a direct off-shoot of Socialism, one of its variants. And no, Fascism was not anti-reason either. It was the logical culmination of the philosophy of those who worship reason, who believe that world can be radically remade according to reasoned thoughts of intelligent, scientific people. Leftists believe that some gifted persons in a society, using their reason, can and should solve all the problems of the society.

Their opponents believe that whereas reason is a good thing, it has limitation just as the capability of a person to control all processes and systems in a society is limited. They believe that change is good, reason is good, but the traditions and processes and systems that have evolved over thousands of years must not be thrown away all at once, and must not be replaced with a system born out of reasoning of a small group of men. Traditions are the distillation of the wisdom of all the preceding generations, and they exist because they worked.

Praveen Swami of Indian Express, on the occasion of the anniversary of the end of WW II, has written a piece designed to confuse the masses, eulogising reason, and further strengthen the Leftist propaganda that Fascism was a reaction to Socialism. He also makes sure to keep moral equivalence, the latest Leftist stratagem to undermine the notion of superiority of the free societies, as central to his article. If he quotes examples of the wrongs done by follower of an ideology/religion, he makes sure to cite similar examples from other ideologies/religions.

All in all, the usual Leftist trope from Praveen Swami.

Read his article here.