Socialism Corrupts. And More Of It, More Is The Corruption.

In his book Corruption In India, Anang Pal Malik details how socialism makes politicians, bureaucrats, and members of public corrupt, irrespective of initial state of integrity in the society. That corruption is not the cause of the failure of socialism, it is its first and inevitable consequence. (To download your free copy of the book, click here.)

Just as if to reaffirm his thesis, Mark Steyn describes how corruption has seeped into every sphere of the US life, though the country once boasted of a very honest ruling elite, and equally honest public. This corruption resulted from the forward march of socialism in the US, in the form of Welfare State; and regulation of industry, business, and commerce under the guises of Environmental safety, safety at work places, minimum wage laws, etc.,

“For me, the issue this US election season is the corruption. Sure, I’d like a balanced budget and less debt and repeal of Obamacare, but I’m getting used to being sold out on those issues. So I’m down to the bare minimum requirement for a politician: The corruption nauseates me, and, if it doesn’t nauseate the candidates, then that explains a lot about why nothing happens on any of those other matters. It’s in the air, it’s in my nostrils, and I’m sick of choking on it. We have a “justice” department that prosecutes a senator who made the mistake of crossing the President (Menendez) but declines to do anything about a tax collector who treats American taxpayers differently on the basis of how they vote (Lerner). We have a revenue agency that regards itself as the paramilitary wing of the ruling party. We have replaced equality before the law with a hierarchy of privilege, so that no-name ambassadors can be fired for breaking federal record-keeping requirements by a department whose boss outsources her federal records to her own server and then mass-deletes them with no more thought than when she’s parking her van in the handicapped space. We have a federal police agency in which 26 out of its 28 hair analysts gave false testimony favorable to the prosecution. We have a cabinet officer who managed to get more firepower deployed to toss her designated scapegoat videomaker into the county jail than she assigned to the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi. We have a president who rules by decree on everything from immigration to health care – and a legislature of castrati too craven to object.

I would like a candidate who promises to hose out the sewer. Yes, yes, I know it’s not as jolly and upbeat a slogan as “Morning in America” or “Hope and Change” or “A Thousand Points of Light”, but hosing out the sewer happens to be what’s necessary. Beyond the politics, this is a hygiene issue. Northern Europeans come by their Big Government honestly. One may deplore their enthusiasm for high taxes and cradle-to-grave welfare, but it’s what they want, and it’s delivered reasonably cleanly. In Southern Europe, it’s all a bit grubbier, but it’s not lethal – as it always potentially is in the only developed nation in which every tinpot bureaucracy can call up its own SWAT team (of which more below).

But instead of Captain Hosepipe it looks as if the people are going to hand the keys to the republic over to the most openly corrupt candidate of the modern era.” (from the article)

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