Socialism Has Killed 50 Persons In Bihar

Earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, floods, and droughts are the natural calamities, large in magnitude, difficult or impossible to predict.

But people do not have to die because of them.

Man survives by taming the nature. Man tames the nature to the extent that, 1. the normal natural phenomenon, like changes in season and normal rainfall do not kill him, and 2. his resources permit him. Because taming the nature costs money.

In developed countries, people now do not die even in severe earthquakes and storms, because buildings have been built that strong. They have very effective warning systems in case of tsunami and storms, and their relief and rescue teams are well equipped and efficient.

Bihar is one of our poorest states. For the simple reason that the socialists have ruled it for last 67 years uninterrupted. So its buildings are primitive, its warning systems absent, and its relief and rescue teams ill-equipped and poorly staffed.

And therefore, in a storm on the night of 21-04-15, 50 persons died.

The socialists killed them.