Solar Power: It Is Very Costly, It wastes Land, It Is Unreliable

Solar power is the flavour of our times in India. And though it needs lots of land, curiously Leftists never oppose acquisition/use of such large tracts for solar power.

In reality, solar power bankrupts the country that tries it. We should learn from the experiences of the Western countries, where most solar power plants turned out to be huge scams. The countries suffered from energy droughts, and saw their budgets go haywire because of solar subsidies.

Without subsidies, solar power continues to be very costly, unaffordable.

We have very large reserves of coal, the cheapest source of electricity, and we are setting up large nuclear power plants. These two would be fully able to meet our energy needs, very economically.

We must not waste our scarce land, and even more scarce Capital, on this fantasy of Global warming/Climate change fraudsters. That would only lead to our ruin.