Tavleen Singh On Rahul Gandhi’s Lies, And Govt’s Incompetence

Tavleen Singh, the only Indian journalist blasphemous enough to speak Truth to the The Dynasty, in her column in the Indian Express of today, blasts both: Rahul Gandhi for his flagrant lies he is running around with since his return from his “leave;” and Modi government for its incompetence in refuting him, and for its failure to effect any meaningful change in last ten months.

She brings out the fact for the plight of Indian farmers, policies of Congress are squarely to be blamed. And that Modi government has done little to reverse those policies.

“The distress we see in farming communities across India at the moment cannot be blamed on Modi’s policies and yet none of his ministers has been able to refute this lie effectively. Venkaiah Naidu made a valiant effort in the Lok Sabha by pointing out to Rahul that the poverty of rural Indiacould not have been created in 10 months. But he sounded defensive.

Other ministers have sounded just as defensive so it is becoming increasingly hard to remember that Modi has a full majority in the Lok Sabha. This should be more than enough political capital to at least refute Rahul’s lies. This has not happened. So the Congress heir-apparent has gone almost unchallenged on his charge that the Prime Minister is trying to acquire farmers’ land to pay his debt to big business.

The irony of the ‘pro-corporate’ charge is that the Modi government has done very little so far to make India business-friendly. The appalling retroactive tax that should have been thrown out in the Modi government’s first budget is still with us. Since foreign companies are being regularly sent lists of heavy new ‘retroactive’ taxes, why should they put more money into India? Indian corporations continue to be in bad shape on account of unchanged bad policies that came as a ‘legacy’ from Rahul’s Mummyji. And, smaller businessmen say without hesitation that for them there has been no sign of ‘parivartan’ at all.

On top of everything middle-class taxpayers are now likely to also become victims of tax inspectors. If newspaper reports are accurate, those of us who pay tax will have to give details of every foreign trip we make and tax hounds will follow us around if webuy something for more than Rs 1 lakh. So Rahul is telling a big, fat lie when he charges Modi with being the leader of ‘those who drive around in big cars’. This from a man who came home last week in a cavalcade of very big foreign cars. So he needs to speak carefully here. But, why should he not say what he likes since nobody takes him on? This could be because the Prime Minister, like many other people, finds it hard to take Rahul baba seriously. Big mistake. Serious charges cannot remain unanswered.” (from Tavleen Singh’s column)


Read her full column here.