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The Best Speech Of MMS, Which He Never Gave

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(The following speech was written on 22-09-2012, in the fond hope that the then PM, MMS, would deliver it. But, alas, it never reached him.)

1. My fellow Indians, we are broke. Every year, we earn only 7 lakh crore, but spend 12 lakh crore. On paper, we have a forex reserve of $ 3 billion, but in reality we also have an external debt of $3.5 billion so in effect our forex reserves are not just zero, they are in negative.
2. West Bengal (WB) is broke. Together with Kerala and Punjab, it has highest debt among Indian States. It spends 94% of its revenue on the salary of its employees leaving nothing for maintaining, forget providing new infrastructure.
3. Of course you may ask why after 8 years of my own rule, I have brought the country to bankruptcy. But you only made me dependent for survival first on the Czars of WB and later Czarina of WB. Of course I dare not mention that Queen Mother and Heir Apparent have both also forced me to enact freebies I never wanted to enact- but again, I thought first job of a living being is to survive.
4. But now at least the Queen Mother and Heir Apparent have given my free hand to do what should have been done 8 years ago but was not done.
5. As I tried, Czarina of WB, the woman of infantile intellect and worldview of a child who believes that when you are hungry, you need only weep and mother would arrange the milk, said she would overthrow the throne.
6. But now I have no exit routes left. We have run out of other peoples’ money. Nobody would lend money to a person who earns only Rs 7000 but spends Rs 12000 and who can’t change his habits. Creditors are threatening to downgrade us. That would mean we would get to borrow either no money or borrow it at very high interest rates.
7. Czarina of WB has a Delhi to run to and blackmail for money, but I have no Delhi to run to.
8. Welfare State is a fraud. It promises free education, guaranteed job, free housing, free medical care, free pension in the old age. That is you don’t have to worry about your life’s necessities. Only the Rich don’t have to worry about life’s necessities. So Welfare State in effect promises to make everybody rich by enacting few laws in the parliament promising Life’s necessities. That is a big lie. People cannot by law be made rich. If that could be done, rulers of earlier era were not fools, they could have passed the laws making everybody rich and would still be ruling us.
9. What Welfare State in effect says that it would loot money from those who have and give it to those who don’t. But a) even if all the money of all citizens is confiscated, we would all still be dirt poor, b) if people discover that what they earn would be confiscated, they stop earning.
10. When you demand cheap petrol, diesel and gas, you in effect say that somebody else should pay the difference of actual price and depressed price which you pay. Why? You are not poorest of the country. If those richer than you have to pay for your petrol, diesel and gas, why don’t you pay for the bread, housing, medical care and clothing of those poorer than you and can’t afford even these bare necessities?
11. Santa Claus is a childhood fantasy. We all outgrow it. Nothing is free or cheaper than its cost in this world. If you try to rig the market by forcing the govt’s hand through your votes, market will destroy you both, you and your country, and soon you will discover that there is no govt to blackmail.
12. Bharatiya Adjournment Party and assorted Jholawalas who like Czarina of WB are promising same freebies if they are put into power are telling plain lies. They have been in power, and used to increase prices regularly. In fact when they could do nothing about the prices of onion, they lost Delhi. If they could reduce prices, why they did not do it then?
13. Social order is a delicate balance. When a person is hungry, he simply snatches food as you must have seen at the time of floods etc where relief packets are being distributed. When a country of 120 crore will go bankrupt no police, no army in the world would be able to keep order.
14. The rich would emigrate, the rulers have their black cats to keep them safe. Their children are also safe. The Junior is either in the US taking care of Papa’s loot or is in the Party and has his own black cats.
15. So grow up, learn to earn the hard day’s living and stop voting into power those who promise something for nothing, because it doesn’t exist and if you still fall for it, result would be destruction. If far richer countries of Europe went bankrupt because of Welfare Schemes, how do you think your wretchedly poor country can survive the unaffordable freebies?
16. Whatever prosperity we have today has come about because of Reforms of 1991. So are you not able to figure out that more Reforms would bring more prosperity?
17. Jai Hind and Take care.

(It was first posted on Facebook on 22-09-2012.-Ed)

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