The Computer Climate Models Have Failed. Global Warming Fraud Unravels A Bit More

Great S Fred Singer, a leading Global Warming skeptic, in an article in the, discusses the failure of the Computer Climate models to predict/explain the 20 year long pause in rise in Global temperatures, which should have been rising furiously given the rise in atmospheric CO2.

Computer models have been used by Global warming fraudsters to scare the world into sinking money into the efforts to reduce emission of CO2, with disastrous economic consequences for the poor countries. If the Computer models can’t explain the steady temperatures of last twenty years, there is no reason to believe that their predictions of next 100 years are even indicative of the future trends.



Global Warming (GW) alarmists are in a pickle: no GW, in spite of rising CO2 levels.  True believers are using quasi-religious slogans, like “The End [of the GW pause] is Near” and “Repent [Stop emitting CO2] Before It’s Too Late.”

The observed absence of a global-warming trend (often described as “pause” or “hiatus”), beginning around Yr 2000 (or perhaps even earlier) contradicts the results of every IPCC climate model – all of them driven by a steady increase in anthropogenic carbon dioxide.” (from the article)


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