The Falling Fans Of Bihar

Lalu had narrow escape when a communal ceiling fan fell on him.

But the incident is apocalyptic in the real sense.

The spidermen of Bihar we saw, who were helping their family members and friends copying in the Board exams, are the real cause of the falling fan.

Modern Civilisation is technical. And the equipments and machines we see around us require certain honesty in us as we install, run, and maintain them.

Full blown socialism has created a corrupt citizenry that sees nothing wrong in helping its children copy in Board exams, and admires the father who brings bribe money home. It also see nothing wrong in voting for the man convicted and sentenced for a scam totalling Rs 900 crores.

Lack of honesty and integrity then seeps into everything: cars behaving worse after a visit to service centre than before, the RO needing a repeat visit of the technician who serviced it a day before, switch boards and other electric fixtures emitting sparks, and most household items needing replacement once they have had a visit to some repair shop.

Modern Civilisation is the result of moral evolution of man. The Civilisation is founded on the sanctity of promise, and dishonest and corrupt people do not keep their promises. With the base itself corroding away, the collapse of the Civilisation is inevitable. The falling fans in Bihar are just the early debris chipping away from the grand edifice of the modern Civilisation in India.

Socialism takes away the basis of Civilisation: sanctity of the Private Property. When it teaches man that it is moral to covet, demand, and obtain using the coercive power of State; share from his neighbour’s Private Property, it essentially teaches man that he can be immoral and still prosper. Of course even on the face of it the premise is outlandish when stated in plain language. But socialists do not say it in plain language. They instead tell people that they have Right to free things: free housing, free healthcare, free education, and unemployment benefits, etc. That do not have to acquire skills which the prospective employers need, but have a Right to work instead. Of course they tell people that the State has to deliver these Rights. And people get so blinded by the talk of the free stuff that they are not able to see that they are the State. That state has no army of robots to produce all this free stuff, the robots who would produce all that we desire, and would run on electricity. Things are produced by human beings, and once human beings realise that what they produce is not theirs to use and dispose as they like, they stop producing. Fate of societies wherever socialism has been practiced and is being practiced proves the point.

The socialist ruling elite normally makes itself immune to the consequences of socialism by enacting privileges and quotas for itself. But privileges and quotas are not totally impervious to the consequences of socialism, as Lalu has discovered with his injured arm. Socialism finally comes home, to the homes of the socialist ruling elites also. And finally they also discover that socialism actually spells disaster.