The Lure Of The Leftist

In the Animal Farm, the turning point was when pigs retained full quantities of milk and apples as their share of common goods. Life on earth is one long struggle against scarcity. There is never enough to satisfy all needs of everyone, what to say of want. And to top it all, few things occur naturally, man needs to add his labour to things occurring naturally to make them useful to him. And all labour is pain, and all of us want to go through life as painlessly as possible. Further, God in his infinite wisdom has made each human being differently inclined to and capable of labour, and mind of each human being also reacts to the same thing differently from all other human beings, thus making us differently intelligent. And to compound it all, we all want different things except some very basic needs.

World is a progression of man devising more and more machines to produce more and more of what human beings need and want, with always lesser and lesser physical labour. But scarcity still stays.

Enter the Leftist. He proclaims that we all can have equal of everything and in plenty. If we are not having so today, it is only because some vicious and evil folks are in-charge of society, and the deprived should join him to overthrow these vicious men, and once they are gone, all will have milk and apples. We all in our childhood grow hearing fairy tales, in which fairy just needs to wish to make things appear. We realise, as we grow up, that fairies do not exist in the real world. But the charm never goes.

So when the Leftist appears as the long lost fairy, we feel as if the childhood wishes are about to be fulfilled. And the Adult in us says,”What is the harm in giving him a chance?”

And so it goes. People end up scrambling their functioning societies, only to discover, like the animals in the Animal Farm, that not only the pigs have taken all milk and apples as their share of common goods, they now live in the same bungalows in which old vicious rulers lived. And not only that, they sup together. And not only that, they in fact look exactly same: the vicious rulers of the past and the Leftist look exactly the same. There is no way to tell one from the another.

They also discover that not only they did not gain anything more than they had before, they have lost that most precious, and earned with great struggles, of their assets: Liberty. Earlier, they could at least cry that they were hungry, now they are not allowed to even say that. Because saying so would be reactionary against the hard won Revolution.