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The Next Jamboree Of Global Warming/Climate Change Fraudsters: Paris Dec. 2015

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Global warming /Climate Change fraudsters will gather in Paris in December this year to try and force the world to commit economic suicide by dismantling their conventional power plants and to go for the boondoggles call Solar and Wind power, the very costly and unreliable replacements for the cheap and abundant coal based power plants.

Rise in CO2 due to industrialisation of the world has greatly increased the crop output around the world, as plants are enjoying the own oxygen-CO2, and starvation has reduced considerably.

As for temperatures, they have not risen for last 18 years, though the CO2 concentration in the air has been highest in last about thousand years. (It has been higher than at present many times in the past.) In fact in these 18 years itself, CO2 in atmosphere rose by about 10%.

To sum, CO2 is greatly beneficial to us. Temperature of the Earth is controlled by the Sun and the Sun alone, and CO2 is a bit player, and if temperature does rise, it would be very easy and cost effective to adjust to it, than to try to keep it constant.

India should refuse to attend this conference.

Excerpts from an article at follow:

“Following the China example, India may decide to adopt the China pattern and let their emissions peak around 2050, let’s say; other countries will choose their dates accordingly.  In other words, everybody will be doing their own thing, but there will be some kind of “agreement” that they will all be happy to sign — or be bribed into signing.

Significantly, Japan, Canada, and Australia, will no longer follow this pattern and will likely refuse to have anything to do with the Paris accord

At the same time, the US and European Union will undertake to seriously reduce CO2 emissions by another 26-28% in the next 10 years.  For the US, a 40% reduction by 2030; for the EU, at great cost to their economies and to the standard of living of their populations.

President Obama has already signed an Executive Order March 19 directing the federal government to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions by 40 percent from 2008 levels over the next decade, and to increase the share of renewable energy in the government’s electricity supply to 30 percent over the same period. The New York Times reports the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions are less than one percent of total US emissions, although the federal government is the single biggest user of energy in the U.S.

Obama’s war on coal is indeed making electricity prices “skyrocket” — just as he promised in 2008, when he ran for president.  Voters were beguiled by the vision of “slowing the rise of the oceans” and of “saving the climate.”  Little did they realize that they were being fed nonsensical science and that high energy prices would instead lead to the growth of poverty.  Had they had the good sense to look at the European experience, they might have rejected Obama’s siren song.  Blame, if you will, the mainstream media, TV, Hollywood, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and the rest of the green lobby.  George W. Bush could have saved the situation but he didn’t.” (from the article)


Read whole article here.


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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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