The Pull Of Government Action

Writing on the edit page of Indian Express of today, Ashok Gulati does better to at least acknowledge that so called agrarian crisis is actually the crisis of non-industrialisation of India, but quickly reverts to asking for more government action, and more government. Academicians and bureaucrats of India are so wedded to socialism, that most of the time they are not able to recognise the problem itself, and if at all they do, solution still remains the same: more socialism, bigger government. After all, from socialism comes their bread & butter, and the power & pelf. Even their jobs.


“The state would have to subsidise the premium — 50 per cent by the Centre and 25 per cent by the state, apart from the 25 per cent put in by the farmer. This is the practice in countries like China and the United States. Resources for this premium subsidy can be raised through a 2 per cent cess on the input industry. Could the Centre take up this plan?” (from the article)


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