“The Strange Death of Europe”

Douglas Murray has come out with a terrific new book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

So how is the book different from earlier books on the theme, for example Mark Steyn‘s America Alone or After America; or Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept?

While the other three books are just outstanding in themselves, what makes The Strange Death of Europe an invaluable addition to the list is the  fresh light it throws on the following two facts:

  1. Europe’s ruling elite-politicians, media, academicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, businessmen- has been lying to their own people for last 60 years about immigration, immigrants, and the state of economy and society.
  2. Everybody and anybody who tried to warn the Europeans about what was being done to their countries and societies through mass immigration was vilified, ostracised, boycotted, destroyed, rendered unemployed, and if nothing worked, killed. And through all this, those whom they were trying to save, just stood by and watched.

The book is a melancholy read. It details and records how even the most advanced, most educated, most prosperous, most powerful society and Civilisation on earth can be destroyed by its lying elite from within. It is a record of how a people can be numbed to their own slow death through careful manipulation of education, media, culture, and politics.

It is a warning to all people on earth to never leave their countries to their ruling elite.

It is a warning about the horrible destruction that is to come, about how a people can be rendered so helpless that they can’t prevent their own subjugation and death, even if seemingly they are educated, prosperous, and enlightened, and realise that they are being subjugated and destroyed.