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The Tamasha Called Car Free Day: The Perfidy Of The Leftists

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The Leftists are the pastmasters at concealing consequences of their schemes, policies and programmes. The immediate, ephemeral (and destructive in the long run) “good” effects of their programmes are visible when they matter-during next elections, or when the public is getting restless; but destructive consequences of their programmes kick in many years, or decades, later. With the dumbing down of education, they ensure that nobody is ever able to trace the consequence to the programme, and with their control on media, they start demanding more schemes, policies, and programmes to alleviate the suffering caused by their earlier schemes, policies, and programmes.

So joblessness in India caused by the socialism is supposed to be solved through MGNREGA, and malnutrition and sickness caused by the poverty resulting from socialism is sought to be solved through Food Security Act and planned Universal Health Care. When the destructive consequences of MGNREGA and FSA would kick in, they would come up with more schemes, policies, and programmes.

And so is the latest tamasha by the Leftists: the Car Free Day. More and more Indian cities are getting on this latest bandwagon. According to the Leftists, this will solve two problems- congestion in our cities, and pollution in cities like Delhi.

Why are our cities congested? Answer to this question is being carefully kept hidden by the Leftists, who now want to solve this result of their earlier follies by the folly called Car Free Day.

Cars in Indian cities have not suddenly dropped out of thin year. They are there because people can now afford them. People can afford them because they now have jobs and businesses which put money into their hands. They have jobs and businesses so they pay the taxes. What is happening to that tax money?

That tax money, instead of being spent on creating matching infrastructure in our cities, is being thrown at the vote banks by the politicians through the schemes, policies, and programmes devised by the Leftists. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi should have had by now ten storey flyovers and many storey roads. There should have been a road tunnel linking NOIDA and Gurgaon. The money spent on them would not have ended up in Yamuna. It would have still reached the “people” only, only that would have had to work to earn it. They would have worked in creating all the above infrastructure, and would have felt elevated and proud for that. But no, that money has to be given to them through freebies, because the Leftists want to feel good. After all, they need to justify those NGOs, those government paid foreign tours, those consultancies.

Had the money earned in taxes, made possible by the prosperity that made the cars possible, been spent on creating infrastructure, the infrastructure would have grown with the growth in the number of cars. And there would be no congestion in our cities.

Coming to pollution. Most pollution in Delhi is the fine dust that comes laden on the wind from the desert in the west, and the rest is raised from the unpaved areas, which are in plenty in Delhi. Delhi has too many trees. It is more like buildings in jungle, instead of few trees in a city. These trees trap the air, and the dust that the winds carry and smoke from the vehicles and other sources can not be swept out of the city. Delhi has so many trees because FSI is very low, it has one or two storey houses, and large open areas.  Cities of Delhi’s size have, the world over, very tall buildings, with all areas paved and very few trees, and extensive and adequate public transport with very good road infrastructure.

But for that we also needed to have Free Market Order instead of socialism. That is, the Car Free Day crowd would have been rendered jobless. And nobody will allow his job to be taken away, if he controls government, media, academia, and culture; as the Leftists in India do.

They are not going to stop. They will destroy economy of the cities through this idiocy called Car Free Day, and would then institute some more schemes, policies, and programmes to alleviate the misery they will cause by banning the cars. Because just as cars are caused by prosperity, prosperity is also sustained by cars and their owners. Banish the cars, their owners will also go, and so will the prosperity.

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