The Times Of India Invites Kamal Nath To Write A Propaganda Piece

In the Times of India of today, Kamal Nath, the Congress leader, has been given an edit page column to peddle all the lies that Rahul Gandhi is repeating in his speeches these days. Central is the lie that through land acquisition bill, NDA government is out to harm rural India, and farmers. He then proceeds to eulogise the “welfare schemes” of UPA which nearly bankrupted India, and almost led to ratings downgrade, and which, like all Welfare Programmes everywhere, destroyed work ethics and created a huge corruption network from Delhi to villages.

But most ironical is that all this talk of great economic progress in rural India during last ten years is coming from the man who is responsible to play the second biggest role after Jairam Ramesh, in the destruction of Indian growth kickstarted by Vajpayee when he was the PM.

Kamal Nath single handedly decimated NHAI, and with that highway construction programme of India. The work of construction of highways came to a standstill when he was its minister. Stoppage of road construction work was the chief factor that created such negative sentiment in the economy that investors scrapped investment plans in most all other sectors also. Even timid Man Mohan Singh was so horrified at what he had done to the road construction work, that he put his foot down and forced removal of this close Dynasty acolyte from the Ministry of Surface Transport, but of course he could not drop him from the Cabinet. The Dynasty takes very good care of its own.

During his tenure, there were allegations of big ticket corruption in NHAI. CBI raided its officers and made some arrests also. But further inquiry got lost somewhere, despite even some valiant MPs raising the issue of corruption in NHAI at that time.

The Times of India invites such persons to write edit page articles for it, to ensure that no voices giving contrary views reach its readers.

Read the article here.

(To know the correct state of affairs in rural India, and dire need for the land acquisition bill read definitive articles by Anang Pal Malik here and here.-Ed.)