The Udaipur City Bypass

NH 8, after great GQ project, is a very nice road to take from Mumbai to Delhi.


Till you reach Udaipur city.


Because as you approach Udaipur city, it becomes a two lane bypass, that has numerous roads leading into Udaipur city cutting it across. At almost every such crossing, on most days there is a horrendous jam.

That is the state of planning in India. Whole 1400 km has been fourlaned/sixlaned, but this 11 km stretch stays two lane. Leaving road users  in the torture chamber called Udaipur bypass.

Rajasthan government got a windfall from Badmer oil field. It squandered it all on freebies. Mandarins of NHAI planned for the whole 1400km but somehow forgot this 11 km stretch.

Nobody is bothered, nobody cares. Because they know that public is too worried about their next freebie to think about  this torture chamber of a road.


Yetha Praja, tatha Raja.