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The US Manufacturing Was Killed By Labour Unions And Regulators, Not By “Globalists”

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(And Trump Has Been Ousted By The Pork Class)

Tell people what they want to hear, and they will eat out of your hands.
At a blog called Musings, there is a post on Trump Dethronement. It is going viral. Because it tells exactly what people want to hear: that Trump has been ousted by Globalists who want to do business with China, and other cheap places.
1. In the long run, a country has to match its imports with its exports, otherwise it goes bust. No country can import from China indefinitely the “cheap” goods.
2. Economics is the most simple science, but people avoid reading it because it tells them the truth they do not want to hear. In all the talks of Globalism, China, cheap manufacturing, etc., role of labour unions is very skilfully obscured.
3. And so it is that some guy can write a fantastic post called “musings 2” and claim that Globalists of India took textile to Bangladesh for cheap labour and lax regulations. But at least today we know the reality, before it is erased from the records: textile was driven out of India by the communist unions who routinely beat up the management, often killed them, and shut down mill after mill.
4. The US manufacturing was killed by labour unions. They gave to themselves fantastic pays, even pensions from private enterprises, and then came the regulators: work place safety regulators, diversity regulators, gender justice regulators, environmental regulators, regulators upon regulators. Running a factory in the US became all but impossible. It was done by labour unions and regulators, not by “Globalists.”
5. But still if labour has no work in the US, it can not import from China, because there will be no buyers. So politicians started paying welfare payments to the people. Still, it needed money to buy from China, so the politicians started borrowing from, well, from China. US debt started piling up.
6. Trump knew all this. He wanted to halt it before the debts come due. But the permanent political class, academia, and media are now hooked to the high payments from abroad. So they have ousted him.
7. Again, it bears repeating, no country can import everything without buyers at home, and buyers at home can be there only if there is economic activity at home. Temporarily imports can be financed and purchasing power can be created, by borrowings or by exporting raw material. India financed its imports of China by exporting iron ore and coal, instead of producing steel at home, because the labour unions and the environmental mafia won’t allow steel mills in India. But still people on the ground did not have purchasing power. So, post 2004, Welfare State has exploded in India.
8. Modi is also trying to revive manufacturing in India. He wants zero exports of iron ore and coal. But he will be opposed not by some ghost called “Globalists” but by those who earn commissions in imports from China and exports to it, and by the forces who want to destroy India. If Indians can start earning their living in factories in India, they won’t be available for purchase then.
So Indian manufacturing is being killed and obstructed not by “Globalists” but by labour unions, commission class in Delhi, soul vultures, and other Breaking India forces. But they will blame it all on “Globalists.”
And you would lap up their stories, because you like big words like “Globalists.”
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