Time For Some Sarcasm

indiafacts.co.in has a very good sarcasm on the great Indian middle class that was totally comfortable with the loot and decay of Dynasty, but wants the moon from Modi government, here and now. Modi is doing great work on all fronts, and in a couple of years India will be in a very strong position. But middle class, feeling the pinch of actually having to go to office on time, and not having the luxury to litter, is angry with Modi for not giving it everything free.

Written by Dr Omendra, the man who eats, drinks, and sleeps patriotism, it is a delight to read.


“Sorry but this is not why I voted for you.  In the end, I would suggest you take inspiration from the dynasty that you despise and threw out in such style. Stop bothering about fiscal discipline and start throwing freebies to the middle class, which is your core constituency. Don’t bother about the macroeconomics of freebies—these things usually take care of themselves—learn from the Congress.
Besides, now that coal blocks and spectrum are going to bring in billions, you can surely spare us poor middle class. We must have our comfortable life. Of course we do care about the poor and the deprived sections of our society. But then the Indian socialist state has always taken care of its weaker sections. That job is doesn’t belong to the middle class Mr. Modi. You see, we are doing our bit by going to the monthly meetings of Lions club and annual Rotary functions. And don’t you forget our occasional cheque to CARE India. You can’t really expect us to do more than this. That is purely your job.

Mr. Modi, you will do well to take lessons in humility from the great middle class of this nation and express constant gratitude to us for electing you. The gratitude must be expressed both in words and actions. Else please get ready for a repeat of Delhi in Bihar.”(from the article)


Read the complete article here.