Trouble At Maruti: Trade Union Mafia Is Active In NCR Delhi




After laying waste to industrial towns of West Bengal, and to the industrial towns like Kanpur, Dalmiyanagar, Modinagar, and even Mumbai; the Trade Union mafia of India has become active in National Capital Region (NCR) Delhi .

Yesterday a manager was manhandled at Maruti Gurgaon. Maruti Gurgaon employs tens of thousand and supports a huge network of ancillary industries which in turn employ lakhs. It also produces cars that have taken car within the reach of most Indians.

Livelihood of all these workers are in danger. Management should take the workers on a tour of Modinagar, or Mumbai mill areas, so that they know what happens when Trade Union mafia takes over a factory.

Police must also uphold the law and deal very firmly with the criminals controlling Trade Unions.

NCR Delhi is one of the shining employment hubs of India. It must be guarded from the beast called Trade Unions, before they lay waste to it also, and push the workers into starvation and abject poverty.

(To read an article by Anang Pal Malik on Trade Union troubles of Modinagar-Manesar, click here.-Ed)