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What Climate Change Has Got To Do With Gender Equality?

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If ever there was any doubt that the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud was always a Leftist programme to dismantle Capitalism, that should be removed by the latest statement from the UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres:

“It is critical that that new economy not only re-establish the relationship between man and nature, which has been thoroughly not respected, but it also re-establishes the balance that is needed between the genders.”

It must be really very difficult deal. It will not only keep the temperature of the planet Earth constant, it will also eradicate gender inequality. It would be interesting to see how that is achieved. And see the choice of word ‘re-establish.’ Re-establish to what past state? The fact is women now enjoy more freedom than they ever did in history, and all because of economic freedom created by capitalism.

Such political activists will decide our economic future.

“Nobody could accuse Christiana Figueres of being hard-hearted. Her passion for tackling climate change has many times spilled over into tears.

Yet as UN climate chief, she must be hard-headed. Her reputation hinges on striking a deal between nearly 200 parties with vastly divergent interests and priorities.

And as a woman, she tells RTCC of her determination to put gender equality at the heart of efforts to tackle climate change.

The core task of UN climate talks is to agree a plan to cut the greenhouse gas emissions heating up the planet. The deadline is December 2015, when negotiators meet in Paris.

These cuts must be deep to limit global temperature rises to 2C, the politically agreed “safe” threshold.

That will involve a huge shift away from polluting sources of energy to cleaner alternatives, reshaping the economy.

It is a wrench for some countries that have grown wealthy on the back of dirty fuel. And it is a challenge to those poorer nations tempted to follow the high-carbon path to prosperity.

At stake is nothing less than the economic trajectories of every country in the world, making it perhaps the most fraught political process in history. Every word of every document is subject to minute scrutiny.

Figueres took up the challenge in 2010, after talks in Copenhagen ended in failure. At a time when many people were questioning the value of the whole process, she had a lot to prove.” (from the article)


Read the whole article here.

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