What The Left’s Freebies Do To A Country

In an article at frontpagemag.com, Daniel Greenfield takes apart the Left’s borrow and spend strategy. He shows that what Left spends in freebies is actually the future of the children of a country. The debt they pile up comes due on the children of the generation that lives it grand on the borrowed money.


“Debt is about more than just money. It’s about the end of expectations and the death of hope.

Polls of Greek adults showed them to be the biggest pessimists globally, but Americans are catching up. Three quarters of Americans are not confident that their children will live better than they will. The first American generation to see a decline in living standards has been born under a cloud of debt, surrounded by rising prices and falling incomes. It sees a government that spends trillions in their name which they will be expected to somehow repay with the jobs that don’t exist anymore.

The generations of tomorrow will be the ones left holding the bill for Obama’s debt. His $4 trillion budget is paid with the coin of their lives and dreams. His debt is their future.” (from the article)


Read the whole thing here.