“Why Greece Won’t Pay”

Ideas have consequences. If the Leftists are blaring 24×7 that it is moral to take other people’s money, many will listen. After all, it is so cool also. Just borrow, and then refuse to return on the grounds that you as debtor has so little of money, and the lender, being wealthy, has so much of it.

But such destructive behaviour will destroy the economy of a country sooner than later, and as a consequence, the poorest will suffer the most. Sanctity of promises and sanctity of contracts runs the modern commerce, and once a society accepts as moral breaking of these, it will be impoverished in no time.

The Leftists destroy the society that listens to them.

Over at townhall.com, Victor Davis Hanson details the destructive immorality of it all.

“Was the Greek tragedy more due to endemic corruption, rampant tax evasion and cronyism? Longtime residents of Greece knew that it was a national pastime to conduct business off the books, to give discounts for non-reportable cash payments, and to cram boated state bureaucracies with friends and cronies…….
……Athens has adopted the equality-of-result mentality that believes factors other than hard work, thrift, honesty and competency make one nation poor and another rich. Instead, sheer luck, a stacked deck, greed or a fickle inheritance better explain inequality. Fate or cosmic unfairness can result in good but poor people owing money to bad but wealthy people……
…..Greece will not pay because an increasing number of nations in the Western world do not look at borrowed money as a contractual agreement that is central to a modern economy. Instead, they see renouncing debt as both a moral act and a reasonable method of wealth redistribution.

Payback depends not on who legally agreed to what with whom–but on who has money and who doesn’t.

In short, debt has been redefined as equality and fairness.”(from the article)

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